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100 icons, 22 banners

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Thank you for all the support and lovely comments. It's been a pleasure sharing my stuff with all of you. If that sounds a bit like goodbye, you're not entirely wrong. Those of you who have been watching me a while (♥) have probably noticed my update schedule slipping. It's gone from weekly, to biweekly, to monthly, to whoops, was I supposed to have an icon post? When I started this community four years ago I was just graduating high school. Now I'm more or less done with college and about to start my first full time job. My hobbies have gradually gravitated elsewhere and I don't have as much time or energy to devote to icon making as I used to.

I'm not trying to say I'll close this journal and stop making icons. I still have an extensive image collection to get through, haha. Just expect updates to be less frequent than they are now.

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